12.sınıf meb ders kitabı sayfa 55,60

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12.sınıf meb ders kitabı sayfa 55,60

Sayfa 55 cevapları


1. F (Maggie is going to make radical changes in her life.)

2. T

3. F (Hugh can’t live without hamburgers or Coke.)

4. T

5. F (Maggie is going to see her parents more often.)

6. F (Both Maggie and Hugh are joining a student club tomorrow.)


Maggie’s resolutions are healthier than Hugh’s because she’s going to eat healthier food, take up Pilates to keep fit and not spend so much time in front of the screen. Hugh’s resolutions are more enjoyable because he’s going to continue eating fast food, start squash and join a student club.

Sayfa 60 cevapları


b. the war between Good and Evil


1. They were celebrating the Thanksgiving Day.

2. No, they weren’t. They were serving turkey and corn for the celebration.

3. They suddenly heard the howl of the wolves.

4. Yes, they were.

5. The black wolf symbolizes Evil.

6. The white wolf symbolizes Good.