Meb yayınları 11.sınıf ingilizce sayfa 47,48,50,51

merve tarafından yazıldı. Aktif . Yayınlanma 11.Sınıf İngilizce Students Book Ders Kitabı Cevapları

Meb yayınları 11.sınıf  ingilizce  sayfa 47,48,50,51

Sayfa 47

Sayfadaki A etkinliği cevapları:

1. They are in Sydney.

2. They are discovering the city.

Sayfadaki C etkinliği cevapları:

I’m exhausted : I am too tired

Let’s have a rest : I want to have a break and stop.

Take it easy : Slow down

It’s photo time : I want to take photos.

You can’t be serious : You are making joke.

Show you around : I want to guide youand give a tour.

Take care : A saying when you leave someone.

Enjoy the day : Have a good

Sayfadaki E etkinliği cevapları:

Where are you?

I can’t find you.

I’m looking for you.

Wait for me at the Opera House.

I come as soon as possible.


Sayfa 48

Sayfa 48'deki quiz time cevapları:

1.a 2. c 3. a 4. b 5. c 6. c

Sayfa 50

A etkinliği cevapları:

1. They are friendly, tall and young.

2. They are cute and funny.

3. They are

friendly and young.

4.They are lovely.

Sayfadaki B etkinliği cevapları:

It’s about twins.

Sayfadaki C etkinliği cevapları:

1. McKenzie and Carson.

2. 13

3. Yes they do.

4. Public

5. Because he thinks they are different.

E etkinliği cevapları:

1. older 2. taller 3. thinner 4. more active 5. slower 6. more friendly 7. bigger 8. darker 9. beautiful 10 .colourful

Sayfa 51

F etkinliği cevapları:

1. Carson is older than McKenzie.

2. Carson is taller and thinner than McKenzie.

3. Carson is more active than McKenzie.

4. McKenzie is slower than Carson.

5. McKenzie is more friendly than Carson.

G etkinliği cevapları:


TİME TO READ C etkinliği cevapları:

1. They are identical twins.

2. One of them is at golf course. The other one is at a clothes shop.

3. Because the same think happins very often.

TİME TO READ D etkinliği cevapları:

1. Christina works at a clothes shop. Pamela doesn’t work. She has time with her friends.

2. Pamela calls the mother.

3. She goes to Christina’s clothes shop first.

4. She goes to wrong place because she thinks Christina calls her.

5. They are late to pick up Pamela. But the twins understand the problem and smile.